Suunto Diving UK will be at Scubafest Cornwall 2017.

They will be on site for the whole weekend, giving you a chance to look at the complete range of computers, consoles and compasses, what better way to find out which one is for you?

The new Suunto Eon Steel will be available for you to get your hands on, on the stand and under the water.  Suunto Diving UK have a limited number you can take for a dive.

They will also have their new Vyper Novo and Zoop Novo computers on hand (well wrist actually). Very sexy four buttoned stuff…

If you have any Suunto related questions that need answering why not ask the experts over the weekend?

The Suunto team will also have Finn Lights and Fly Wings with them all ready to be dived. The Finn Lights range from 1300 lumens up to 3600 lumens,  so even more power to see the Cornish wildlife.

The Fly Wings start at a 13D single cylinder set going up to a 25D twin set ready wing giving a variety of options. Visit the team to find out which wing set would suit your needs best.

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