Sea & Sea


Sea & Sea


We’re back at Scubafest!


And this time we’ll have Bonex Scooters with us… they’re amazing!

Designed for serious divers doing technically advanced dives and also travel-friendly for just having fun in the water, Bonex models cover the range. You can even try one in the pool this Scubafest; come and see us for more information and to book.


We’ll also have a range of the new aluminium LED Orca Torches with us, which includes dive lights, video lights and canister lights with hand-mounts.


Dive Rite are THE original Tech Diving gear manufacturer and still one of the best!

So we’ll have Wings, Harnesses, Nomad Sidemount rigs, Regulator Sets, Reels, etc. with us.


If you’re into underwater photography, we’ll have Sea&Sea strobes to check out along with Underwater Kinetics video lights and dive lights (UV options too).




Want to learn to dive? Develop your skills? Maybe even become a Dive Instructor?

SDI have a course that’s right for you. Come and find out what we can offer.


Thinking of going down the Technical Diving route, or building on the skills you already have?

Come and talk to us about the range of courses offered by TDI, the largest technical diver certification agency in the world!


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