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Come and discuss your next diving holiday with the friendly Oonas Crew!

They’ll be giving out some great goodies too including their ‘Shark Raving Mad’ Bags!

Experts in liveaboard and land based diving holidays, as well as specialised workshops such as Underwater Photography and Shark Schools, we provide a range of experiences to ensure there is something for everyone, from beginner to experienced diver.

Our flagship Red Sea liveaboard tours are some of the most popular choices for those searching for the best dive holidays in Egypt or Sudan, with boats and itineraries to suit all levels.

We have hand picked the dive resorts based on their wonderfully quaint locations and the abundance of marine life they provide. We offer various dive resorts in Egypt ranging from those tucked away in Dahab and nearby Sharks Bay, just outside the bustling town of Sharm El Sheikh, to the ultimate dive locations of Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami, south of Marsa Alam – granting you unlimited access to some of the best reefs across the whole of the Red Sea.

Combining the best of both worlds, our fantastic Red Sea Mini Safaris unify resort and liveaboard allowing you to dive some of the less accessible sites along with some of the best daily boat dives there are to experience.

Of course we aren’t restricted to just the Red Sea, we’ve applied our experience in choosing some of the best destinations for diving holidays around the world:- Thailand, South Africa & Mozambique, Malta & Gozo, Cyprus, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands, Bali, Belize, St Lucia and the Maldives.

So come along and meet Emma and Lydia the extended Oonas Crew over the weekend. We would love to see you!


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