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If you are all about being on,in or under the water – Liquid Sports seeks out high performance water sports equipment from the best global niche brands for you in the UK.

Ursuit Drysuits: Finnish manufacture of quality dry and survival suits, designed and made for extreme conditions.

Sharkskin Exposure apparel: This versatile water loving apparel can be used as a standalone garment, layered with a wetsuit or under a drysuit.

Bigblue Lighting Systems: From compacted back-up torches to 30,000 lumen video lights we have a light for your requirements.

Ratio Dive Computers: This will be the first time this Italian brand of dive computers will be at scubafest. The range comprises of  2.8” coloured LCD screen, as well as full matrix watch size instruments.

Ratio IX3M at Scubafest:
IX3M computer range  from the Italian manufacture Ratio uses a 2.8” high contrast coloured QVGA screen with build in light sensor. With user customised colour data and IPS technology(150° viewing angle) making the data very easy to read. The unit is powered by a rechargeable LI-ion battery lasting 40 hours. The decompression model is interchangeable between Buhlmann ZHL-16B or VPM-B. Features include 3D compass,GPS (surface use only),Bluetooth, personalise settings for the decompression models.
Deep – Air Nitrox, Normoxic Trimix
Tech+ – Air, Nitrox, Trimix and CCR
REB – Air, Nitrox, trimix CCR with connection for 3 oxygen and 1 CO2 sensors

SRP £725-£999


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