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Where is the Cornish ScubaFest being held?
The Cornish ScubaFest is based at Pentewan Sands, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6BT

When is the 2017 Cornwall ScubaFest being held?
Saturday 29th April through to Monday 1st May 2017

When can I book in at Pentewan Sands / when do I have to check out of Pentewan Sands?
Booking through Pentewan is the same as normal. Just call them to book your Scubafest pitch and then register with Scubafest on this website to make sure you get registered for you chance to be entered into a free prize draw.

Can I bring my children along?
Children are more than welcome. Pentewan is a family holiday park so there’s plenty for them to do.

What are the hours of the Cornwall ScubaFest?
The event rolls on from the evening of Friday 28th April when it kicks off with live music in The Seahorse Centre at Pentewan. It’s then diving and other events all day followed by more entertainment on Saturday and Sunday evening. Most of the available boats are offering charters from Friday through to Monday and the exhibitors area will be open from Saturday morning until Monday lunchtime.

Where can I hire diving equipment?
You can hire diving equipment from your local dive centre and bring it to the Cornwall ScubaFest. Alternatively there are ten different dive centres in Cornwall. Details can be found here and you can hire kit from them.

Where can I get air fills?
C and R Testing www.candrtesting.co.uk will be on site offer air fills from the exhibitors area all weekend.

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